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Trinidad and Tobago observes various public holidays throughout the year. Explore list of public/national holidays in Trinidad and Tobago for 2021.

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Public Holidays in Trinidad and Tobago in 2021

Trinidad and Tobago is a nation rich in cultural diversity of religions. Christians forms the majority of population, about 57% of people are Christians. Hinduism is the second largest religion with over 18% followers in the country. Islam 5% and other religions form the rest proportion of population in Trinidad and Tobago.

A large number of Hindu followers in Trinidad and Tobago celebrate various Hindu festivals like Divali, also popular as ‘festival of lights’. People illuminate their houses and offices with Diyas and special lighting. This year in 2021, Diwali will be observed on 4th November in Trinidad and Tobago.

Trinidad and Tobago observes Indian Arrival Day annually on May 30th. The nation was the first country to start this holiday in 1945 at Skinner Park, San Fernando.

Hindus which are significantly present in Trinidad celebrate Phagwa also popular as Holi festival. It is observed as a major religious festival in the nation with colorful celebration and fun. Phagwa will be celebrated on 18th March in 2022.

Divali in Trinidad and Tobago

List of Holidays in Trinidad and Tobago in 2021

Day Date Holiday Name Type
Friday New Year's Day National Holiday
Monday Carnival Monday (Most businesses are closed) Not A Public Holiday
Tuesday Carnival Tuesday (Most businesses are closed) Not A Public Holiday
Thursday Phagwa (Holi Celebrations) Not a Public holiday
Tuesday Spiritual Baptist Day National Holiday
Friday Good Friday National Holiday
Sunday Easter Day National Holiday
Monday Easter Monday National Holiday
Thursday Eid-ul-Fitr (End of Ramadan) National Holiday
Sunday Indian Arrival Day National Holiday
Monday Indian Arrival Day (in lieu) National Holiday
Thursday Corpus Christi National Holiday
Saturday Labor Day National Holiday
Sunday Emancipation Day National Holiday
Monday Emancipation Day (in lieu) National Holiday
Tuesday Independence Day (National Day) National Holiday
Friday Republic Day National Holiday
Thursday Divali (Diwali, Deepavali) Also popular as Dewali National Holiday
Saturday Christmas Day National Holiday
Monday Boxing Day National Holiday

Public Holidays in 2021

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