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List of national holidays observed in Mauritania in current year 2023.

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Public Holidays in Mauritania 2023

All National holidays in Mauritania are observed as per government declaration of public holidays. All banks, government offices and education institutions remains closed in Mauritania during these national holidays. Mauritania holiday calendar for year 2023.

National Holidays in Mauritania 2023

Day Date Holiday Name Type Comments
Sunday New Year's Day National Holiday
Saturday Eid Al Fitr National Holiday End of Ramadan
Sunday Eid Al Fitr Holiday National Holiday
Monday Labour Day National Holiday International Workers' Day
Thursday Africa Day National Holiday African Unity Day
Thursday Eid Al-Adha National Holiday Feast of the Sacrifice
Friday Eid Al-Adha Holiday National Holiday
Wednesday Awal Muharram National Holiday Islamic New Year
Wednesday Mouloud National Holiday Birthday of Prophet Muhammad
Tuesday Independence Day National Holiday National Day

Public Holidays in 2023

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