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Guru Ram Das Jayanti or Prakash Parv will be celebrated on October 30 in 2023 by Sikh community worldwide.

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Guru Ram Das Jayanti in 2023

Guru Ram Das Jayanti or Prakash Parv is celebrated on a grand scale by the Sikhs around the world. The day witnesses large scale celebrations, including kirtan, hyms and langars (free food) across all Gurudwaras in India & around the world. This day marks the birth anniversary of 4th Sikh Guru, Guru Ram Das, who have contributed immensely towards the Sikh Religion. Sikh followers offer prayers in Gurudwaras and serve free food to all.

Guru Ram Das Jayanti is also popular as Guru Ram Das Gurupurab across the state of Punjab. Holy city of Amritsar witness religious celebrations with people listening to stories and instances related to Guru Ram Das ji life. Sikh followers (sangat) in large numbers listen to kirtans and recitation of Gurbani at the Gurudwaras.

2023 Guru Ram Das Prakash Parv

Guru Ram Das Jayanti will be celebrated on Monday, 30 October in 2023.

Prakash Parv of Guru Ram Das ji is celebrated by all Gurudwaras and Sikhism followers worldwide with great enthusiasm and devotion. It’s equally celebrated in holy city of Amritsar, which was named after the Guru. Also popular as Parkash Divas, Sri Guru Ram Das Ji's birth anniversary witness massive footfall at Golden Temple. Amritsar is the divine place associated with Guru Ram Das ji and celebrations are observed at grand level on Guru Sahib’s birth anniversary.

Guru Ram Ji Gurpurab in 2023

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