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Eid ul-fitr is most revered celebrated Muslim holiday celebrated after Ramadan fasting. Eid ul-fitr 2024 date, celebrations and meaning.

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Eid ul fitr 2024

Eid ul fitr is a gathering of people for breaching the fast. It is a key festival for the Muslim community specially residing in the UK and all over the planet. It occurs in the ninth month according to the lunar agenda. It is glorified as the first Eid as it falls earlier than Eid ul-Adha. Families join together to pray in the local mosques. People celebrate this occasion by decorating their homes and dressing gracefully. People invite their loved ones for main meals. Ramadan is a religious period in the agenda, during this phase people fast for the whole day without having to drink a sip of water. It is believed that in this particular time Muslim people grow a strong connection with allah. They read Qurans and recite prayers during this phase. In this phase, Muslims discover to control themselves. Eid ul fitr and Eid al fitr both words are identical, the difference between them are vowels. The meaning of the words is the same; we can use any of them.

2024 Eid ul fitr Date

Eid al-fitr is falling on 9 April 2024 (Tuesday) to 10 April 2024 (Wednesday) according to the Muslim agenda. Eid ul fitr is deliberated by the appearance of the half-moon in the sky and the actual date is authenticated by the celestial observation of the moon and can vary from place to place and earlier cycle of moon was seen by naked eyes but nowadays it is done by telescopes. As we all notice that date of eid changed every year as this is in view of fact that lunar months are shorter than solar months. Ramadan encompass on different dates of the muslim calendar according to the lunar faces of moon. It is regarded as the sacred bout period of the Muslim and is noted by refraining the food which is the pillar of the islam, as faith, prayer, charity and making the pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca are the other pillars of the Islamic religion. There are religious prayers which are performed during ramadan at night are also known as taraweeh. Every muslim recites quran at the day times of ramadan which is opportune for them. In ramadan every person from muslim community gets up early in the morning and have sehri (which is the meal before the sunrise), they even don't sip a drop of water until sunset. After sun set they perform prayers and thank god for the day and have a meal which is known as iftar. There are some people who exempt fast like having health issues such as

Eid ul fitr 2024

Eid al fitr Meaning

Eid al fitr is Id al-Fitr, also called al-Id al-Saghir, Turkish Ramazan Bayrami ("Ramadan Festival") which is designed as gathering of people for breaching the fast. The end of ramadan fast is honored as eid ul fitr. In Islamic religion eid al fitr plays a vital role as people come together and celebrate it as an occasion with full happiness as they thank god for giving them strength and energy for the previous month of fasting and the people who can't fast pardon allah for their sins and give them strength for upcoming days, so they can fast too. People wore beautiful clothes; eat variety of dishes as per their choices and goes to mosques for worshiping. They grant some charity for the poor and ill people. Some people visit Mecca for worship. On this day, people greet each other by saying Eid mubarak which means blessed festival.

Eid al fitr Significance

Eid al fitr is reconciled as the highly valued moment in the Islamic religion as it falls after the ramadan and is contemplated as a spiritual month in the islamic agenda. People build up their bonds with Allah in this particular time of Ramadan and in Eid al fitr they thank Allah for giving them strength, indicative health and a delightful life. Islamic people used to get together for meals and share their love and bond with each other on the day of Eid ul fitr. Eid Ul fitr was set up by prophet muhammad in 624 CE as the achievement of the battle of Badr. On this day, people come together for the adoration of Allah. People also open their doors for the needy people and give some charity. People end up with ill feelings and start their new marriages with love on this day. People do share greetings and exchange gifts with other people as the remark of love. People decorate their house with flowers and lights and they also invite relatives and friends for lunch. They used to share their feelings with each other as they have a very hard time during fasting. They also thank allah for their wellbeing and happy life which the lord has given them. It is glorified as the first Eid as it falls earlier than Eid ul-Adha. Eid ul fitr falls after at the end of the ramadan that means it is the breaking of the fast and provides food for the underfed people and eid ul adha is sacrificing the animal into 3 different parts, who was living in hardship. People pay zakat ul fitr as a charity to show their gratitude for the people who are living below the poverty line.

Eid al fitr Celebrations

Eid al fitr takes much dedication and self-control to abstain from drinking and eating between the hours of daylight and dusk. This can be all within the title of fortifying an otherworldly relationship with Allah, which is all supported by reverence and supplication to commemorate the disclosure of the Qur'an. Eid ul fitr is celebrated with full enthusiasm all over the world. People get up early and adore quran. Amid Eid, one of the foremost common things is said by individuals to one another is "Eid Mubarak!" This actually means "blessed Eid" and this is the way of communicating celebration. Saudi Arabia is the center of Eid-ul-Fitr celebrations as Muslims from around the world travel to Makkah and Madinah for reciting prayers during Ramadan and most select to remain until Eid. In pakistan, eid is celebrated with full enjoyment as ladies apply henna on their hands, get ready beautifully and wear traditional outfits. People decorate their houses with flowers and lights, and go to markets to buy new accessories. Eid ul fitr is the most contemplated occasion of the year. Many more countries like Turkey, Africa, Indonesia, etc with muslim communities celebrate this day as a festival. People burst crackers to show their excitement. Children's are taken to fairs to celebrate this day. Eid ul fitr is marked as a happy and enjoyable festival in islamic community.

Eid ul fitr celebrations

Eid ul fitr Date (2020 - 2030)

Year Eid ul-fitr Date Day
2020 24 May Sunday
2021 13 May Thursday
2022 03 May Tuesday
2023 22 April Saturday
2024 10 April Wednesday
2025 31 March Monday
2026 20 March Friday
2027 10 March Wednesday
2028 26 February Saturday
2029 14 February Wednesday
2030 04 February Monday

*Celebrations on Eid al-Fitr and Eid-al-Adha varies in different countries.

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